Rose Wicksteed 2021

About Rose


Rose first started collaborating with actors and creatives at Oxford School of Drama in 1999 where she was studying Acting.  Following her love of this world, she took a degree in Drama and produced plays at the Edinburgh Festival.  After graduating, she spent the next couple of years working in factual television.  Her first job in Casting was as an assistant spending the summer of 2006 auditioning thousands of children in London for a new children’s drama series. 

Rose continued to work as a Casting Assistant for Casting Directors: Nina Gold, Lucinda Syson, Elaine Grainger & Jina Jay - for directors including Jane Campion, Christopher Nolan, Alfonso Cuarón, Tom Hooper, Robert Zemeckis & Richard Eyre.

In 2009, she set up as a Casting Director.  Her credits include: BAFTA nominated and BIFA award winning film THE SURVIVALIST; UK Casting on Martin Scorsese's HUGO;  the first two seasons of the Golden Globe nominated and Emmy award winning show GENIUS: EINSTEIN and GENIUS: PICASSO for Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Fox 21 & National Geographic; the award-winning show, THE GREAT for Hulu; UK Casting on the final season of HOMELAND for Fox 21 & Showtime. She has recently completed casting on BLACK CAKE for Hulu.

When she is not casting, Rose enjoys spending time in nature and training in holistic practices.  Over ten years ago, she began a self-journey travelling both into the mind and around the world;  sharing experiences with teachers of local traditions.  She explores these worlds and continues to integrate her creative life with healing modalities.  In 2020,  she started creating online journey's and holding space for others to tune into their intuition.  She enjoys supporting artists and creatives to re-connect with the original spring of their art. 

Rose is based between the UK & Greece.

 A member of the Casting Society of America (CSA); Casting Director's Guild (CDG) (UK); Television Academy (Emmy) (USA) & BAFTA (UK) and a Screen International Star of Tomorrow (2014)

Sophie Kingston-Smith 2021

About Sophie


Sophie harboured a strong desire to work in casting since her teenage years, and went on to study Psychology and Film at Oxford Brookes. Upon graduating, she started interning in film and video production, side-stepped into talent management and then onto extras casting in the commercials department. It was from there she started working with Chichester Festival Theatre, as Gabrielle Dawes' assistant, working on productions like ROSS (dir. Adrian Noble), HOBSON'S CHOICE (dir. Jonathan Church) and WAY UPSTREAM (dir. Nadia Fall). 

Work with other significant figures in the casting industry followed including Karen Lindsay Stewart, Lucinda Syson, Alex Johnson and Kharmel Cochrane, until she joined Rose Wicksteed Casting as an assistant in 2016 and became her associate in 2017. With Rose, she worked on major TV projects including GENIUS:PICASSO (Fox 21 / Imagine / Nat Geo), HOMELAND (Fox21 / Showtime) and THE GREAT (Hulu) co-cast with Dixie Chassay's office. Features include THE NUN (dir. Corin Hardy), ESCAPE ROOM (dir. Adam Robitel) and additional photography on HOLMES & WATSON (dir. Etan Cohen).

As well as working closely with Rose, Sophie casts her own projects including short films LYNCH (dir. Francesca Castelbuono) and MR WHIPPY (dir. Rachna Suri). She believes an openness with actors is important, and regularly runs acting workshops or contributes to casting panels. 

When she's not working in casting, Sophie is watching movies or playing with Roo the dog. 



BLACK CAKE     Kapital | Harpo | Hulu

JACK RYAN (s4)     Paramount | Amazon    

INVASION     Platform One | Apple TV+     

HOMELAND (s8)     Fox 21 | Showtime    

THE GREAT     MRC | Hulu     w' Dixie Chassay 

GENIUS: PICASSO     Fox 21 | Imagine | National Geographic

GENIUS: EINSTEIN     Fox 21 | Imagine | National Geographic

LEGENDS (s2)     Fox 21 | TNT   

BARKSKINS     Fox 21 | Scott Rudin Productions | National Geographic     UK casting consultant



THE NUN 2     New Line | Atomic Monster | The Safran Company | p: Peter Safran, James Wan | d: Michael Chaves

LOVE GETS A ROOM     Nostromo Pictures | d: Rodrigo Cortes

HOLMES AND WATSON     Columbia Pictures | Mosaic   Casting Director-add’tl photography

ESCAPE ROOM     Original Film | Sony | d: Adam Robitel    Casting Director (UK)

THE NUN     Atomic Monster | New Line | d: Corin Hardy 

REDIVIDER     FilmNation | d: Tim Smit | p: Aaron Ryder, Patrick Chu 

MINE     Safran Company | d: Fabio Guaglione & Fabio Resinaro | p: Peter Safran

THE CONJURING 2     New Line | Warner Bros | d: James Wan | p: Peter Safran, Rob Cowan

THE SURVIVALIST     The Fyzz | BFI | d: Stephen Fingleton | p: Robert Jones, Wayne Marc Godfrey

ALLEYCATS     Elephant Gun | The Fyzz | d: Ian Bonhote | p: Andrew Ryder, Robert Jones, Wayne Marc Godfrey

NIGHTINGALE     Plan B | HBO | BN Films | d: Elliott Lester | ep: Josh Weinstock. David Oyelowo, Brad Pitt, Jeremy Kleiner, Dede Gardner, Katrina Wolfe

HUGO     GK Films | dir: Martin Scorsese CD: Ellen Lewis p: Graham King ep: Emma Tillinger Koskoff     UK Casting

THE VETERAN     DMK Productions | d: Matthew Hope | p: Kim Leggatt, Debbie Shuter

KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES     Incendiary Pictures | BFI | d: Michael Pearce, p: Megan Rubens   (short film)

ROOM 8     Independent | d: James W Griffiths | p: Sophie Venner sp: Ohna Falby, Jani Guest     (short film)

UK / European Casting Searches

THE BENDS (20th TV / FX) | d: Mike Barker (2022)

SHANTARAM (Paramount / Anonymous / Apple) | d: Bharat Nalluri (2021)

LIGHTYEARS (Legendary TV / Amazon) | d: Juan Campanella, Philip Martin (2021)

THE DROPOUT (Searchlight Television / Hulu) | d: Harry Bradbeer (2020)

TALES FROM THE LOOP (Fox21 / Amazon) | d: Mark Romanek (2019)

THE BEAST (20th TV /FBC) d: Stephen Hopkins (2017)

THE RESIDENT (20th TV /  FBC) | d: Phillip Noyce (2017)

HOMELAND S6 (Fox21 / Showtime) | d: Lesli Linka Glatter (2016)

A WRINKLE IN TIME (Disney) | d: Ava DuVernay (2016)

CHANCE (Fox 21 / Hulu) | d: Lenny Abrahamson (2016)

THE EXORCIST (20th TV / FBC / Morgan Street) | d: Rupert Wyatt (2016)

SHOTS FIRED (20th TV / FBC) | d: Gina Prince-Bythewood (2016)

ZOOBIQUITY (20th TV / FBC) | d: Kevin Bray (2016)

MINORITY REPORT (Amblin TV / Paramount TV /20th TV) | d: Mark Mylod (2015)

SCREAM QUEENS (20th TV / FBC) | d: Ryan Murphy (2015)

AMERICAN CRIME STORY (20th TV / FX) | d: Ryan Murphy (2015)


We have cast over 50 commercials since 2009 for brands including: HSBC, Strongbow, Ikea, M&S, Nokia, Renault, Chanel, Sony, VW, Toyota, BMW & Samsung.

For companies including: RSA Films, Outsider, Czar (Netherlands), HSI, TFC (Japan), Pulse Films, Agile Films, Mustard & Partizan.